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"NOAH" mobile grandstand system

Safe and flexible!
Our “NOAH” mobile grandstand system consists predominantly of lightweight aluminium modules. These are assembled in a self-retaining way using a “fold and insert” technique, with no additional tools. The process is simple, very fast and still extremely safe!
The “NOAH”; grandstand system allows construction on a wide range of terrains/subsurfaces.
Various shapes (L shape, U shape etc.), sizes and inclinations (10, 20, 30, 40) are possible and can also be combined.
The grandstands are assembled exclusively in accordance with the latest approval and international safety regulations (DIN EN 13814).
The relevant inspection log book (type static calculation) is available for each mobile grandstand

Benefits for you compared to conventional mobile grandstand systems:

• Extremely fast assembly and dismantling
• Few assembly helpers required
• Low transport costs thanks to low weight and loading volume
• Low intrinsic weight gentle on subsurface

Tested quality:

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