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Our modular System TopCon® is exclusively produced and assembled in accordance with the current
licensing and international safety regulations (DIN 13814, DIN 13200).

It is available as mobile/temporary grandstand system –with or without canopy – or as a stationary
grandstand/stationary construction for permanent use (e.g. equipment for stadiums, sport fields

Modules are made from hot-galvanized steel and are therefore equally suitable for inside and
outside use.

Due to a very flexible substructure assembly is also possible in very uneven terrain and, upon
request, in various individual. Thanks to temporary and variable building, a full disassembly without
leaving any residue is possible at any time.

In case of a mobile use of the TopCon®system, a German TÜV inspection book (model approval) is
available optionally upon request for an additional charge.

Implementation options

Incline seat grandstand:                  

Row depth seat grandstands:           

Seat width:                                

25 cm

80 cm

50 cm

Comfort folding seat

  • B1 flame retardant and UV proof
  • Coloured printable optional (Sponsoring) and cushioned
  • Denumerable

Seat shell

  • B1 flame retardant and/ or UV proof

Wooden bench

Floor coverings

  • Birchwood multiplex board (glued waterproof with anti-slip coating)
  • Hot galvanized steel floor from perforated plate (R13 anti-slip factor)


  • Canopy
  • Camera platforms
  • Stair towers
  • Pedestals
  • Ramps for wheelchair users
  • And many others.